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Privacy policy

As a company that operates with secure, safe, and environmental measures as its pillars, we recognize the importance of individual and corporate information and the responsibility for protection and establish "personal information protection policy" in accordance with the laws of Japan concerning personal information, we will act as a company with a sense. And all persons in charge of our company understand this "personal information protection policy", act and carry out efforts.

  1. We will collect, use and guide personal information to the extent necessary for the Company to conduct business activities on the premise of important protection of personal information protection.
  2. In the case of collecting personal information, we clearly explain its purpose of use to the person after agreeing.
  3. The manifest method is based on the presentation in writing and the consent on the Internet as the main content.
  4. This personal information protection policy applied from October 1, 2006 and stated to be more securely managed.

Purpose of using personal information

All individuals and corporate users who use our products will use it for the purpose within the necessary range for our business completion.

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[Purpose of using personal information]

About the handling of personal information

  1. We may not be able to use the exact services our company provides if we are unable to provide the minimum necessary information for our business achievement. In addition, we will not return the information you provided in case of inconvenient cases such as product cancellation.
  2. The information you provide will be clearly stated at the shipping agency at the time of shipment of the product.
    * In the delivery place, the method of using at post office stop, or transport company center stop is also appropriate.
  3. The information we provide is for the purpose of smoothly responding to our company's business, and we will never offer it to any third party without permission.

However, we will exclude in the following matters.

  1. The case where the person himself / herself agrees in providing information.
  2. In cases where it is difficult to obtain consent from the customer in terms of safety of products, safety of life, property safety, and it is urgent to predict that a serious accident will occur.
  3. In the case where an information provision obligation occurs from a public institution under Japanese law.
  4. In the case of improving and improving products, we may deposit personal information only to corporate enterprises whose personal information protection system meets the standards for partner organizations.
  5. We will promptly improve that fact in cases where the person concerned and the Company approve, beforehand proposal of alteration, correction, deletion, third party prohibition on the personal information we provide, we will immediately respond to improvements.

【Consultation, complaints, explanation request on personal information】

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