We are looking for the partners.

We are looking for supporting companies for manufacture
and sales management in the United States.

Purpose of finding partners

We are manufacturing and selling one and only product to several facilities like water plant or industries in Japan, however, it would be impossible to create and sell in the US. To sell our product outside of Japan, we need supporting companies in technical support and sales support.

For Manufacturer


Economically reasonable, but stable and comfortable

Since most internal parts are originally developed, “Fish Monitor” equipment are manufactured inside our original factory.

In outside of Japan, we are looking for companies which are able to manufacture this monitoring equipment.

Electronic engineering skills and water plumbing skills might be useful when manufacturing our equipment.

Periodic maintenance

Professional support for suppliers

Annual maintenance service have been supported after the installation of the fish monitor.

Out technical support member will visit contracted facility annually to check our product to whether the equipment would be operating in order.

In the maintenance,

  1. Our equipment and optional products (monitoring PC, filtering device, neutralizer, etc.) would be checked.
  2. Peripheral tools would be annually exchanged.
  3. Urgent maintenance service would be performed by technical staff when the equipment operated irregularly.
  4. Maintenance report document would be written.
  5. Our technical staff would suggest for the sustainably of the equipment for each facilities.

For Sales Rep

We are finding a partners who can sell our reliable product.

We have sold more than 240 equipment in Japan, which is the best seller domestically.
And most of our equipment has been installed in the public facilities or major companies.

It is your chance to deal with our unique and excellent equipment.
In Japan, our equipment have been used by the major electronic companies (Mitsubshi, Hitachi, Toshiba, Yokogawa, etc.), water technical management companies (Metawater, Swing, Kubota, Organo, etc.), or engineering trading companies(Nishikawa, Kanaden, etc.).

We recommend that the sales reps who have many careers of selling the bioassay product, or who have strong connection between the major facilities.
We promise you that we can provide you a chance to sell the best equipment, and raise your potential.
Want to join a new market with us?