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What’s fish monitor?

We contribute to the ‘secure’ and ‘safe’ society with our reliable product.

Fish Monitor is an equipment for monitoring water quality for 24 hours automatically and sequentially.

Water quality is monitored by monitorial fish (designated by OECD, EPA, or ASTM protocols), which display high sensitivity to toxic materials.

Behavior of 20 fish are monitored by the motion analysis system, by Flow-Through Method of raw water in about 1 liter per a minute.

Alarm is automatically issued when behavior of monitorial fish stopped due to the weakness or death.

image of fishmonitor


Japan’s Most Widely Used Bioassay System

  • More than 230 systems now sold and in operation.
  • The first bioassay equipment in Japan.

Product Strength & Advantages

  • Responds to a wide variety of toxic materials.
  • Uncomplicated monitoring - detects & flags irregular behavior.
  • Monitoring fish are widely available.
  • Uses Flow- Through Method for fish’ natural living environment.
  • Easy maintenance and cost-efficient.
  • 24/7 continuous, remoted, and unmanned monitoring.

High sensitivity and Quick response

  • Monitorial fishes respond quickly and display their high sensitivity totoxic materials.
  • They can respond to trace amount of toxic material.
  • They are designated by official protocols (OECD, EPA, or ASTM methods)

Image Processing Method

  • Image processing method is our original and patented.
  • The method is for monitoring fish’ behavior.
  • Alarm are issued when the activity get low.

Optional Products

Optional products specification makes it possible to test any type of water.

  • Filtering device

    Filtering device

  • Filtering device for high-turbidity water

    Filtering device
    for high-turbidity water

  • Heater<br>(separate type)

    (separate type)

  • Neutralizer


  • PC and software<br>for data managemanent

    PC and software
    for data managemanent